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Go to either the Apple Store or Google Play to download the app today. Search for either 'Safe Med Sensor' or 'Invensify' to download.

Create your Profile

Open your 'Safe Med Sensor' App and create a new account on your smartphone.

Connect to your Safe Med Sensor
  • Make sure the Bluetooth on your phone is on
  • Open the app again
  • Your app will automatically connect to your Safe Med Sensor device
Safe Med Sensor Setup
  • Add your diabetes medications
  • Add your glucometer
  • Add your test strips
  • Place your Safe Med Sensor with your medications, glucometer and test strips for 24-hour safe temperature monitoring
Add your Caregiver(s)

Input your caregiver(s) name and contact information.

They will receive notifications to help support you.

Start Tracking
  • Have the Peace of Mind your medicines are at safe temperatures
  • Unleash the power of our Diabetes Management System
  • Worry Less, Live Life!
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GO WHERE YOU WANT! Put your Safe Med Sensor with your meds. Grab your insulin travel case, and go live life. Go for walks, head on a hike, jump on a plane and travel. You have friends and family to visit and new places to explore. Safe Med Sensor helps give you the freedom you want by safely monitoring your meds and using our Diabetes Management System to make living with diabetes easier.

Worry Less, Live Life!

Does your refrigerator produce cold temperature accurately? When have you checked it last? No longer worry, add Safe Med Sensor to your meds in the refrigerator at home, in a hotel or anywhere, and know you are reassured your meds are kept effective and stored at safe temperatures.

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Diabetes Managed Safely

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    24-hour a day medication temperature monitoring device

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    Smart App Medication Management system

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    Receive ALERTS when your medication is out of safe temperature range

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    Be notified when it's time to check your Glucose levels

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    Know when your Glucose levels are out of range

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    Get reminders when it's time to take your scheduled medicine dosage

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    Create, then print or email your own reports of your Diabetes Management for you, your doctor or caregiver.

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    Understand the effects of your lifestyle patterns. Accurate information matters, learn the best steps to support a healthy you and to live a better life.

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