About our company

Invensify is a team brought together with a common goal of creating products to make people’s lives easier, better. That’s right, Invensify is a company that creates innovative products for the betterment of others. Making the world a better place is a very loose and general statement, that we feel should be the responsibility of everyone in our global community. We found as often as ‘we want to make the world a better place’ is said by people, it is just as often left undefined.

As a team, we sat down to figure out what it means for us. We decided with our skillsets, that we can make the world a better place by inventing technology-based products through honest eyes of empathy. To understand the daily plight of people suffering or struggling unnecessarily, and then do something to change their outcomes in a positive way. With that basis, Team Invensify focuses on developing innovative products in the bio-medical sector. This is where our life’s experience and passion lies. Therefore, this is where we feel we can have the greatest impact for good.